Jeff Miller, Manager, Solar Control Products

Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller

I am Jeff Miller, Manager, Solar Control Products. Draper has been my place of employment since Feb of 1999. I wanted to make a career change back then, and I wanted it to be my last. I am confident that I have achieved my goal, as Draper is a wonderful place to work.

OK, so what in the world are Solar Control Products? Well, it’s a technical term for our Window Shade Products. I have been the Window Shade Product Manager since Feb 2004 and in that time have seen tremendous growth and change not only at Draper but in our industry as well. I am looking forward to lots of innovations and new market opportunities in the future.

My wife and I are empty-nesters now as both of our children have moved on, one to a career and the other to college.

I plan on writing about the technical aspects of Solar Control Products in my blogs and share new industry innovations. I’ll start with a teaser. It’s an inside joke here, but ask me about the Declaration of Independence….

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