The Draper Pro Portal is full of so many handy tools it’s always hard to single out just one to talk about. So, we’’’ talk about five Draper tools you may not know about.

Inventory Tools
There are two ways to view Draper’s inventory levels online.

The first—and easiest—way is to simply click on the “AV Inventory Levels” link. You can type your part number into the search box, or, if you aren’t sure of the part number, you can scroll down the list, which is in part number order. This list is updated every day prior to 8:00 am with the latest inventory levels for stock Draper products.

If you’d like to download a spreadsheet of the list, paste this link into your browser (replacing the #### symbols with your Draper account number):

Remember, it’s free to use all of the tools and resources in our Pro Portal, but you must register. To do so, click the “Login” link at the top of our web page, then follow the steps to register for access.

Projector Lift Selector
Draper has such a wide range of projector lifts—the best selection available in the industry—that we often get calls from dealers wondering which one they should use.

Did you know that one of the items in Draper’s online Pro Toolbox can help you select the right projector lift?

The first step is to tell the Projector Lift Selector where you want the projector to be positioned: directly below the ceiling line, remain above the ceiling, outside a piece of furniture, or descended more than 20″ (50 cm) into the room. There may then be another question or two about usage, and then—voila! The tool recommends the best lift for your desired application!

Bob Mathes with VCB Traveller 04VCB Width Calculator
This handy app that can help with the selection of the correct Video Conferencing Background size. Our line of motorized, fixed, and portable backgrounds can be useful for hiding the background while videoconferencing from home, or even as backdrops in light commercial settings. But you want to make sure your background is wide enough. That’s where Draper’s Minimum Video Conferencing Background Width calculator comes in handy.

To use the calculator, you need to know two things: The viewing angle—or field of view—of your videoconferencing camera, and the distance from the camera to where the background will be located. Based on those two numbers, the calculator will tell you how wide the background needs to be.

Product Document Locator
It happens to everyone. You get all of the parts out of the box and something comes up to distract you. By the time you return to the task, you find that you’ve mislaid the installation instructions. If you’re lucky you can get a replacement from the company or by searching the web.

Draper has an online tool just for this situation. Our Product Document Locator lets you search for installation instructions or other documents by product. And it’s very likely you’ll find what you’re looking for—it has been Draper’s policy for several years to post all of our installation instructions on our web site. That way, if you misplace them, or if we’ve forgotten them (not likely but we’re human), you can print out a new copy or simply refer to them on your computer or mobile device.

Draper_GUIGUI Files
A couple of items found in our Pro Toolbox may sound a bit mysterious—but let me assure you they can be very helpful.

I’m talking about GUI files for our LVC-IV low voltage controller, and for the Scissor Lift.

So, what exactly is a GUI file? GUI stands for Graphical User Interface design. Without getting too technical about IT issues, a GUI is an interface that has been purposed-built to simulate or control something.

Our LVC-IV GUI files allow you to use your computer to program motor channels, limits, and other settings on motors controlled by the LVC-IV. The Scissor Lift GUI files allow you to set the show position, and commission the unit.

For the Scissor Lift GUI, you need to make sure your computer’s COM Port is configured to provide RS232 communications via the R2D7 RS232 bridge. Your computer literature will have details on how to do that. Information in the GUI will instruct you to configure the COM port.

The LVC-IV includes a “Help” section that will explain what you need to know to set it up on your computer.

Remember, it’s free to use all of the tools and resources in our Pro Portal, but you must register. To do so, click here, then follow the steps to register for access.