This is the third in a series of posts about choosing the proper projector lift. In previous posts, we’ve discussed why lifts are a good idea, and proper planning for a projector lift. Now that you’ve determined what you need out of a projector lift, here’s how various Draper lift models compare.

The Revelation can be used for many different size projectors. It really plays on the “cool” factor by keeping the projector above the ceiling. A mirrored door finished on the bottom to match the room’s ceiling, opens to reflect the image onto the screen. The Revelation keeps projector fan noise to a minimum, and helps with projector security in environments where a lot of people could see a regular projector mounted to a post.

The Phantom is a small and compact lift for smaller projectors. It also positions the projector right below ceiling line by pivoting it down into the room.

The Orbiter is also for smaller projectors. It brings an added “cool” factor. Instead of raising and lowering the projector, the Orbiter rotates the projector into position. The projector is kept close to the ceiling.

Micro Projector Lift
The MPL is designed for projectors up to 35 pounds. It is one of the most compact lifts available when it is in the closed position. It also has a maximum extension range of 48”. The MPL utilizes Draper’s patented 3-scissor design for increased stability while the lift is in the down position.

Scissor Lift (SL/SLX)
Designed for almost any size projector where a show and service position are required. Service position capability in a lift means that the projector can be lowered down easily for maintenance instead of moving furniture/seating and getting ladders or man lifts to access the projector. This lift utilizes Draper’s patented 3-scissor design for increased stability over other scissor lift style lifts. This lift model is our most popular lift by far.

Aerolift (35/100/150)
There are three AeroLift models to accommodate most any size projector. This is a very small and compact lift—the 35 is, in fact, the most compact available when fully closed. The range has a good range of extension capability. AeroLifts have a less mechanical look, using extremely strong textile panels to raise and lower the projector. The panels also hide the stability arm and cable management.

Credenza Lift
When you cannot or do not want to put the projector in the ceiling you can opt to put the projector down on the ground and into a piece of furniture. Then when you are ready to use the projector, it is raised up out of the furniture. The Credenza accommodates many different sizes of projectors.

Custom Lifts
If you need a solution that’s not quite compatible with our standard lifts, we may be able to provide a custom product to meet your needs. You provide the inspiration, and we will design a customized lifting system to fit your need. For more information on what we can do for you, click here.

For more help in picking your Draper projector Lift, use our Projector Lift Selection Tool here.