If ever there existed a video case study perfectly demonstrating the usefulness of a particular product, it would be the world-famous BBC Dad. Several days ago, Robert E. Kelly, a political-science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, became an Internet sensation and demonstrated the perfect reason to use a Video Conferencing Background.

Kelly is an international relations expert. He was being interviewed live from his home office by BBC television, sharing his insights on the impeachment of South Korea’s president when a toddler suddenly skipped through the doorway behind him. Kelly tried to deal with the first intruder and keep the interview on track. But then came a second child. Finally, a woman slid into the room, attempting to nab the kids and pull them out, all while trying and failing to stay out of the camera’s view.

Twitter exploded, and the video went viral. You can click here see it for yourself.

If ever there existed a video case study perfectly demonstrating the usefulness of a particular product, this is it.

What BBC Dad really needed was a Draper Video Conferencing Background (VCB). VCBs are motorized, manual, fixed, or manual backdrops for videoconferencing, news conferences, and other uses, They can be ceiling-recessed, wall mounted, or portable.

Robert E. Kelly, aka BBC Dad, could have used a Video Conferencing Background from Draper just then.

For BBC Dad, we would recommend a VCB Traveller—a portable background solution available up to 81-1/2 inches wide. When the VCB Traveller isn’t in use, it is rolled up inside a durable extruded aluminum case that can be stored out of sight in a closet or behind the sofa. When it’s time to hide what’s going on behind you, open the case, pull up the background to the desired height, and attach it to the telescoping support. It only takes a few seconds.

As for what goes on the background, there are three types from which to choose: neutral, custom-printed, and Chroma Key. Neutral backgrounds come in six earth tones, and eliminate distractions and ensure a consistent corporate image. Custom-printed backgrounds convey a brand message or communicate more clearly between different branch offices through custom artwork, photographs, logos, and more. Chroma Key Backgrounds make it easy to change background images or show video.

In BBC Dad’s case, whether he’d been using a printed or neutral background, the few seconds of setup would have kept his live interview running smoothly.

Of course, then he wouldn’t have become a viral sensation, either.

For VCB Traveller details, including information on how to buy yours, click here.