Are you using videoconferencing successfully? Even though it is an essential way of doing business, there’s an art to getting videoconferencing right.

Here are a few videoconferencing hacks from the Draper family of companies to help you improve and be more successful:

Put everyone in the picture.
Using a built-in laptop camera is great if you’re the only person on your end of a video conference. But what if there are three or more people? Nobody likes having to squeeze close together, so everyone can be picked up by your laptop camera.

The Evoko Groupie is a simple, elegant solution. It’s a portable wide-angle illumination lens that you can attach to any device making a video conference call so much easier. A micro-suction mount pad easily attaches the Groupie over the existing camera on computers, tablets, and smartphones, enlarging and brightening up the field of view.

The Groupie is sold exclusively from Evoko and is not available through Draper’s Spiceland facility.

For more information, click here to visit the Evoko Groupie web page.

Be more professional.
What have you got to hide? What’s going on in the background of your videoconferencing sessions? Whatever it is, it will have an impact on how you and your company are perceived. Remember “BBC dad,” who tried to stay professional while chaos erupted behind him?

Draper Video Conferencing Backgrounds not only hide what’s happening behind you, they also provide an extra layer of professionalism. The background can send a message with a logo. It can include location information, so that your participants have a better understanding of where everyone belongs. It can portray creativity, or have an elegant and calming effect on viewers. The point is that it can quickly change the entire feel of a video conference for the better.

More information of Draper’s variety of backgrounds is available here.

Cut the background noise.
During a phone conference, have you ever had to ask someone to repeat what they just said because of background noise? How many times have you silently “shushed” everyone on a conference call?

The Evoko Minto is an intelligent, wireless conference phone that gets rid of the background noise. Its unique sound technology recognizes what’s important and what isn’t. It can also be used with your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

The Minto is sold exclusively through Evoko and is not available from Draper’s Spiceland facility. Learn more here.

Protect yourself and hide the camera.
There’s something unnerving about meeting in a room where there’s always a videoconferencing camera pointing at you. Is someone watching or listening in? Cameras left out in plain view are also easy targets for theft.

The Video Conferencing Camera Lift–Ceiling (VCCL) hides the conferencing camera in a ceiling-recessed case. The compact case installs directly behind a projection screen case. When activated, the motorized door closures open and the camera lowers up to 10 feet below the ceiling, always just below and centered on the bottom of the screen. When you’re done with your conference, the camera retracts into the case and the doors close behind it, out of sight and out of mind.

For details on Draper’s VCCL-Ceiling, click here.

Provide access to everyone.
Sometimes you need to mount your videoconferencing or touch sensitive displays to the wall. Unfortunately, that introduces the problem of exposed cables, and can also limit access depending on the attachment height.

The Smart Media Solutions (SMS) Presence VC Motorized is the solution for displays weighing up to 264 lbs. (120 kg).

SMS Presence Wall/Floor VC Motorized completely hides cables and peripherals inside the body of the stand, with a smart design that shifts the weight to the floor. And, everyone can reach and view in comfort. It doesn’t matter if the user is very tall, or in a wheel chair; everyone can reach thanks to the soft motorized height adjustment.

Fine adjustment allows for edge-to-edge mounting of two displays.

The SMS Presence VC Motorized is available through Draper’s Spiceland facility for North American customers. In all other areas, it is sold exclusively by Smart Media Solutions.

For more information, click here.