Students are heading back to school this month and finding more technology than ever in their classrooms. Today’s educational instruction benefits greatly from the collaboration and information sharing made possible through technology.

Draper made our first school window shade in 1902. And while the education and the solutions are both a lot different, we are still innovating for the classroom.

Save Space with Ultra-Short Throw Projection
Teachers need to make the most of their space. Employing ultra-short throw projection can free up ceiling space in the center of the room. However, using ultra-short throw projection in classrooms with high ambient light can create issues such as hotspotting and reduced readability of the content due to the amount of light required for note taking.

Draper’s solution is TecVision XH800X UST ALR. Formulated specifically for use with Ultra-Short Throw (UST) and short throw projectors in moderate to high ambient light applications, this surface rejects 57% of off axis ambient light, while supporting extremely wide viewing angles.

Save Even More Space
Having a screen can also take up valuable instructional/information space. Using a ceiling-recessed projection screen takes the viewing surface above the ceiling when not in use, freeing up the wall behind for multiple uses.

The Access FIT, in particular is a good solution. The FIT case takes up less space above the ceiling than most other screens. In addition, as technology and needs change, the roller and viewing surface can be easily removed and replaced with a new assembly. (

Draper shades in Los Alamos High School, Los Alamos, New Mexico. Dealer: Motorized Sun Solutions.
Photographer: Matt Oberer, MattOPhoto, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Improve Student Performance
A 1999 a study showed that students perform better when their classrooms benefit from natural light. The study, by the Heschong Mahone Group, measured a 25% improvement in test scores for students in naturally-lit classrooms.

With the introduction of daylighting into the classroom, though, come glare and heat gain. Employing window shades as part of a daylighting strategy helps get the most out of natural light, while mitigating the negative impacts of glare and heat gain.

Secure the Projector
If you are using a projector that is not short throw, it can be a nuisance to have it hanging down into the classroom. In addition to possibly being in the way, especially in classrooms with low ceilings, it also leaves the projector vulnerable to vandalism and theft.

Phantom projector lift, Bryan Middle School, Bryan, Ohio.

Employing a ceiling-recessed projector lift solves both problems, hiding the projector when it isn’t being used. Draper offers several models, but our smaller lifts like the AeroLift 35, Micro Projector Lift, or Phantom take up less space above the ceiling.

Move it Around
Flat panel displays and other AV equipment are prime candidates for being made mobile. Using carts to move them around lets teachers share equipment and improves the flexibility of their space.

Smart Media Solutions (SMS), a member of the Draper family of companies, has several mobile cart solutions that are available in North America through Draper. These carts accommodate everything from single displays to multiple displays or even a mix of equipment.

These solutions can be motorized, which can help with ADA requirements or moving displays down for smaller children.

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