AV ideas don’t have to be big and complicated to work. In fact, some of the smartest ideas are small and very simple.

Here are five audiovisual examples from Draper’s product designers:

No need to climb ladders.
The Silent Partner hush box incorporates a lot of smart, innovative ideas. Three sizes are available for projectors up to 15K lumens. Acoustic insulation foam and an exhaust labyrinth reduces projector noise by about 20-25 dBA. A thermostatic fan control with sensitivity adjustment further helps with noise and temperature optimization. The hush box also features removable and lockable side and back access doors.

But one of the smartest ideas incorporated into the Silent Partner is the ability to attach it to a Draper projector lift. That way, it can be concealed when the projector isn’t being used and it can be lowered for maintenance!

For more information on the Silent Partner, click here.

Keeping it simple.
Draper’s SmartTrim™ for Barco UniSee is a patent-pending, design-protected solution co-developed with SMS Smart Media Solutions, a Draper subsidiary in Sweden. It provides a simple and elegant trim remedy for Barco’s stunning LCD video wall solution.

There are several things that make SmartTrim worthy of its name but for the purposes of this post we’re talking about one small thing in particular.

In developing SmartTrim, our engineering team made sure that it attaches to the Barco UniSee mounting structure using an adjustment tool already provided. That means there’s no need for additional special tools; what the installer needs has already been provided.

To learn more about SmartTrim, click here.

Reducing cost.
We recently partnered with Leyard® & Planar® on a mounting solution for the TVF Series LED video wall. Our solution has a lot going for it, including ADA compliance and independent X-Y-Z adjustments for fast and flawless installation.

In completing some demo installations, we discovered a way to reduce the cost, while creating stable and incredibly accurate panel placement. We realized that not every single panel had to have a fully-adjustable mount. So, in addition to the active hanger, we created simpler passive hangers. By using a combination of active and passive hangers on a video wall, we increase speed and accuracy of installation, while reducing material costs. It’s a win-win!

Peak adjustability.
The Access concept is one of the most successful ideas in the history of projection screens. Draper first introduced “screen now/case later” Access screen cases in 1997. Since then, every other major screen manufacturer has introduced their own version of this concept.

There are several reasons for this, but they can all be reduced to one simple idea: adjustability.

Moveable mounting brackets outside Access headboxes can be adjusted if necessary to meet installation requirements. That means if something is off by a few inches above the ceiling, it’s not a problem.

Meanwhile, moveable brackets inside the case allow for a different size screen to be installed in the future.

Click here for more information about the Access case.

Snap-free viewing surface attachment
For many years, a large number of complaints about portable and fixed frame projection screens were about the snaps used to attach the viewing surface to the frame. Getting the surface on and off could be difficult and lead to screen damage.

Draper asked, “Do we really need to use snaps?” And the answer was no.

We started with the Onyx and Clarion fixed frame screens. Their unique fabric retention system enables uniform tension adjustment to the entire surface, which attaches to the frame in seconds.

For our StageScreen, FocalPoint, and Lace & Grommet screens, we developed another new system of bungee cord loops. DuraLoop™ lasts longer than traditional snaps and provides self-centering tension for better image quality.

Just changing how the screen surface attaches might seem like a small thing, but it drastically improved product quality and usability.

For more information on the Onyx and Clarion, click here to go to our Fixed Screens web page. For the StageScreen, FocalPoint, or Lace and Grommet, click here to go to our Portable Folding Screens and Drapes page.

You don’t always think about the small things when experiencing a big, beautiful AV installation. The big screens, brilliant colors, and stellar sound distract you from small ideas or improvements. But those small, smart ideas are what your amazing experience is built on.

We never forget about the small things!