Why hang it when you can hide it?

When it comes to security, aesthetics, functionality, and cool factor, there’s no better solution than a recessed, motorized lift for delivering projectors, cameras, and other AV equipment into a space.

Draper offers the industry’s widest variety of motorized lifts. Here’s how to decide which lift will best serve your needs:

Projector size and weight.
All of our lifts are made to fit a specific size range of projectors. Make sure to verify the dimensions and weight of the projector you wish to use to ensure you select the correct lift. Cable inputs and length of lens also need to be considered in the overall width and/or length of the projector, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Phantom: lifting capacity 26 lbs.
  • Orbiter: lifting capacity 26 lbs.
  • AeroLift 35: lifting capacity 35 lbs.
  • MPL: lifting capacity 35 lbs.
  • LDC Lift: lifting capacity 65 lbs.
  • Revelation: capacity 90 lbs.
  • AeroLift 100: lifting capacity 100 lbs.
  • AeroLift 150: lifting capacity 150 lbs.
  • ScissorLift SL: capacity 100 lbs.
  • ScissorLift SLX: capacity 350 lbs.

Drop required into the room.
Several Draper lifts place the projector just below the ceiling line while others can descend a long distance. Plan to position the center of the projector’s lens at the same height as the top of the screen’s viewing area. You will need to verify the exact position of the projector, but here are some guidelines:

  • Revelation: above ceiling (projector remains above ceiling, door descends into room but mimics a projector being installed just below the ceiling ).
  • Phantom, Orbiter, LCD Lift: Just below ceiling.
  • LCD Lift: Up to 16-1/2” below ceiling.
  • AeroLift 35: 24-1/2” below ceiling.
  • AeroLift 100 and AeroLift 150: 38-1/2” below ceiling.
  • MPL: 48” below ceiling.
  • ScissorLift SL: Up to 12’ below ceiling.
  • ScissorLift SLX: Up to 28’ feet below ceiling.

Space above the ceiling.
If your installation requires an environmental airspace housing, verify that the lift you choose will fit into that space by looking for the overall height of lift with the environmental airspace option. If you are not using an environmental airspace housing, then you need to account for the height of the lift, projector bracket, projector, and closure panel. Allowances for installation hardware and workspace will need to be considered for any installation. Height required above the ceiling will vary. Consult the Draper projector lifts web page.

The importance of security.
Depending on the type of projector, you might have spent several thousand dollars and you certainly want to protect that purchase. With most of our lifts, the projector is only in the room when it’s on. The rest of the time it is hidden away safely above the ceiling (or in a piece of furniture). And if you use key switches or virtual switches, or restrict access to the wall switch, then it can’t be lowered into the room by unauthorized people.

The Revelation provides an additional layer of security by keeping the projector above the ceiling and out of harm’s way even then the projector is on.

While all Draper lifts are an aesthetic improvement over a plain ceiling mount, some offer more levels of sophistication. Here are some aesthetic advantages for each lift model:

Revelation: No cable visible below the ceiling, no projector noise, and no visible projector—only a mirrored door that pivots into the room.

Phantom/Orbiter: Both of these models keep the projector extremely close to the ceiling and don’t take up additional space with closure. The Phantom pivots into the room, while the Orbiter rotates 180 degrees from closed to open.

AeroLifts: All three AeroLifts have a less mechanical look, using extremely strong textile panels to raise and lower the projector. The panels also hide the stability arm and cable management.

LCD Lift: With this lift you can choose either a closure panel or bomb bay doors that swing open to allow the projector down into the space.

MPL, ScissorLift SL, and ScissorLift SLX: These lifts utilize Draper’s patented 3-scissor design for increased stability while in the down position. The back scissor also allows tidier cable management with cables snaking down to the projector tied off to the scissor arms.

To compare these and other characteristics of our projector lifts, click here to visit our website.