Redesigned Nocturne+ Makes the Great Outdoors Even Better

Turning a backyard into an outdoor home theatre is easier than ever thanks to Draper’s redesigned motorized outdoor projection screen. Say hello to the Nocturne+! The redesigned Nocturne+ features: Easier installation. Large screen sizes. Weather- and...
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Draper? Disruptive? Yeah, We’ll Own That

Disruptive may not be a word that typically describes a projection screen manufacturer. But we’re happy to claim that title. Draper’s rebranding announcement at InfoComm 2017 is being called a “disruptive” moment by an AV industry blogger. Integrator and AV blogger...
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Draper Shades and the Underground Railroad

Sunlight is a good thing. Unless you’re a museum or historic site with artifacts to keep preserved. Then it can be a real problem, causing fading and damage after prolonged exposure. Draper’s ability to provide solutions puts us in touch with a lot of interesting...
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Creating the Perfectly Flat Viewing Surface

Who knew a series of small tabs could be so important to having a beautiful picture, and a durable product? One of the most important elements of creating the ultimate projected image is having the flattest viewing surface possible. Great contrast, brightness, and...
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You’re Invited: Draper Leads Educational Courses at 2017 CEDIA Expo

If you’re planning to attend the 2017 CEDIA Expo in September, I’ll be providing two educational courses to help you better understand projection screens and window shades. And with better understanding will come more opportunities for profit! Plus with early bird...
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Two Times Draper Threw Glare Out the Window

Despite all the positives of natural daylighting, glare can be a huge problem. According to the Whole Building Design Guide, published by the National Institute of Building Science, “The science of daylighting design is not just how to provide enough daylight to an...

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