Clark Kent-an AV-IT Nightmare

A co-worker recently shared a piece of online comic fan art with the rest of the Draper marketing department. The image, which is by someone called MaxIsDrawing, shows Lois Lane—yes, Superman’s S.O. Lois Lane—at her desk, laptop open, coffee in hand. On her computer...
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AV Equipment Security: Think Like a Kid

Several years ago, one of our AV salespeople shared a story that boggled my mind. It’s a story of the need to consider AV equipment security. This AV person had taken an order for a replacement motor for one of Draper’s heavy duty projection screens. For some reason,...
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Dreaming of a TecVision Christmas

It doesn’t seem possible, but with Thanksgiving officially behind us, it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas! And around here, of course, we are dreaming of a TecVision Christmas! One of the most fun parts of the holiday season is watching the movies—both...
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NAQs for Window Shades

Recently, we shared a number of NAQs—Never Asked Questions—relating to our AV products. NAQs are the opposite of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); not only do they almost never get asked, but they are questions we wish we’d hear more often. You can click here to read...
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Technical Pointers for StageScreen Assembly

Portable screens are being ordered in bigger and bigger sizes these days. And we love building those big screens. Seeing a 100 foot wide StageScreen set up in the factory or at a job site is very cool. Big sizes could mean big headaches so any pointers we can offer to...
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InfoComm Connections

Draper will be in New York City next week, exhibiting at InfoComm Connections. We will be among more than 300 exhibitors at the event, which is going on along with the NAB Show. InfoComm Connections is a two day event for those who didn’t have the time or budget to...

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