2017 FlexShade Price List on the Way

Our Literature department is gearing up this week for one of our biggest mailings of the year. The 2017 FlexShade Price List will take effect February 13, and it will begin appearing in mailboxes in the next couple of weeks. One of the more exciting things about this...
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Proper Projector Lift Planning

Last week, we posted a blog entry about why to use motorized projector lifts instead of just hanging projectors from the ceiling. Once the decision to use a lift has been made, it’s time to start planning and researching. Draper offers several different lift models,...
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Three Times TecVision Delivered Wins

One of the reasons our TecVision line of premium projection viewing surfaces has been so successful is its flexibility. Any projection problem that comes along has a TecVision solution. And when there’s no current formulation to address a need, a new one can be...
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Why Use a Draper Lift

Mounting projectors, flat panels, and other AV equipment is often an afterthought. Often the quickest and easiest solution is seen as the best: just attach a mount and hang the projector from the ceiling. But when you might be investing several thousand dollars in a...
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Seven Things People Always Want to Know About Draper

Whether someone is being introduced to Draper for the first time, or is already a long-time customer, there are certain questions that inevitably pop up in conversation. Mostly these questions about Draper revolve around why we conduct business the way we do, and...
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