Future-Proof or Future-Ready?

Future-proof is a term marketers love to use. Although we see it used in the AV market, it’s a term that crops up in almost every market and product category. When used to describe a product, the manufacturer is saying that product is unlikely to become obsolete....
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Draper screen helps build synthetic organisms

Last year Draper had the privilege to work on a really cool and interesting project; one where one of our screens was part of a museum exhibit where people build synthetic organisms. One thing we learned is how complex the field of synthetic biology is. But we also...
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Contract Regional Manager Changes at Draper

I’m excited to announce some contract regional manager changes at Draper. We welcome Brendan Tyson as the contract regional manager in the northeast, including New York, New Jersey, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Brendan...
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Acoustically Transparent Screens

Here’s a quick pop quiz question for you: Where’s the best place for the speakers—at least the center channel—in an AV installation? If you answered, “behind the projection screen,” then you get an A+. Rather than solving an audio problem, however, putting a speaker...
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Draper Wellness Program Among Best, Brightest

When we first started the Draper wellness program back in 2008, we knew we were onto something good. But we didn’t know just how good until the awards started rolling in. Then we knew we had one of the best in the country. And now we’ve gotten news of another...
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