In multi-functional spaces that are becoming more popular, there is often a need to get the AV equipment out of the room when it isn’t being used. Recessed projection screens and projector lifts play an important role in this design approach.

There are several options for mounting projectors and other AV equipment. However, a recessed, motorized lift like the Draper Scissor Lift SL and SLX is your best bet.

Here are 5 reasons to specify the Scissor Lift:

It can be used for all kinds of AV.
The Scissor Lift was originally designed with projectors in mind, back when projectors were generally larger and heavier. That extra capacity means many other pieces of AV equipment can be recessed using the Scissor Lift. The most common pieces of equipment being recessed are speakers and cameras.

It keeps your AV equipment secure.
When you see the Draper Scissor Lift in action, you’ll immediately notice it is different from other scissor-style lifts. Our version has a third scissor. This patented feature keeps lateral movement to minimum both while in motion and at the “show” setting.

The Scissor Lift also includes a safety belt, which prevents the unit from falling in the unlikely event of catastrophic failure.

It keeps your AV equipment safe.
With your AV equipment hidden above the ceiling, intruders might not even realize it is there. The Scissor Lift has an added layer of security you can add: a key switch. A wall switch can lower the lift to show position, then a key switch can be required for lowering the lift down to its maintenance position. You can also limit all access to operating the lift by only have key switches and/or switches with locking cover plates.

It makes projector maintenance easier.
You have a maintenance or repair issue with equipment that is recessed in the ceiling. How do you address the problem? The Scissor Lift makes it simple! There are two stopping points: “show” and “service.” Show stops the lift where the projector or other equipment needs to be. Service allows the lift to be lowered fully into the room for easier access. The SL is available with a maximum 12 feet of lowering distance, with the SLX lowers up to 28 feet and 5 inches.

It is part of the AV experience.
Why simply walk into a space and turn on the TV when you can impress everyone by adding some pizzaz to your presentation? Use a remote, wall switch, or third-party control system to start lowering and turning on the AV equipment. You’ll be sure to get some “oohs” and “ahs” even before the show starts.

You can find out more about the Scissor Lift SL here and the SLX here.

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