Versatility. That’s a term we’ve applied to the Acumen® projection screen series since the very beginning. But what does that actually mean? Did you know that the Acumen series was designed to have maximum versatility in these specific areas?

Conditions for projection.
A number of factors impact the projection environment. Ambient light from windows or artificial lights can wash out images. The audience area may be wide and shallow or narrow and deep. The content may be extremely detailed and require a very flat and precise surface.

These conditions are why our designers created a screen series where the same case can handle every viewing surface we make, including award-winning 8K-ready TecVision®. From self-supporting white reference surfaces to tensioned ambient light rejecting surfaces Acumen can bring a projection solution into any environment.

To wire or not to wire?
Using electric screens in a retrofit isn’t always easy. You might not want or be able to run wiring to the screen. In the past, that meant a manual screen. But, while there is a manual version of the Acumen, now you can have motorization without the wiring!

The Acumen Recharge battery can be operated up to 500 cycles between charges. It can be charged up to 500 times. That’s 250,000 cycles over the lifetime of the battery.

If you want to keep the battery fully charged you can use a plug-in adaptor or PoE (Power over Ethernet). Either way, the battery has an automatic shutoff to prevent battery damage.

How do you want to control it?
The control protocol needs to be easy to use and understand, but also meet the needs of the user and the space. Acumen controls include wired wall switches, low voltage remote control, wireless wall switches and remotes, and integration with systems like Crestron and AMX. Adding the optional wireless hub to the Acumen Recharge brings voice and smartphone app control into the mix!

Where do you want to mount it?
Wall studs and ceiling joists aren’t always located where the screen mounting holes are! (Are they ever?) That’s no worry for the Acumen series. The Acumen uses floating mounting brackets that mount directly to the wall studs. You then can mount the Acumen case on cleats on the mounting brackets. It’s pretty much like hanging a picture, and the case “floats” along the brackets, ensuring solid support and precise placement.

Similarly, Acumen ceiling brackets attach to the mounting brackets. Install the ceiling brackets, then attach the screen case as though you were attaching it to a wall.

What uses can you find for our award-winning Acumen screen series? Click here to learn more about all of Acumen’s advantages.

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