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FocalPoint Assembly

Christer Sundstedt of Draper Europe demonstrated the assembly of a FocalPoint screen at Integrated Systems Europe in February.

Why do you go to Infocomm?

We may feel like we have to go…but there are many great reasons to attend. Education and contacts may lead your list. For me, working in the Draper booth, I hear everyone ask “What’s new?”

“What’s new” keeps our industry fresh. “What’s new” keeps our interest. “What’s new” can be exciting. Draper will have all kinds of “What’s new” things in the booth–as will many others. How many of these products will become your “old standby” product? The one where you don’t have to look up the part number because you know it, that one you have used so long that you know exactly where to use it, when to use it, and how to use it.

I think in the past 2 years Draper has brought a couple of “what’s new” products to the rental and staging market that will become “the old standby” product for years to come. The StageScreen and FocalPoint are “folding screens” only in the sense you fold up the surface. We eliminated the painful frame hinges and transformed the structure into a modular screen frame. I think this product has something for everyone.

For the owner, return on Investment is important. The frame pieces can transform into any screen size so once you have frame in inventory you only have to start stocking multiple surfaces. Depending on your inventory size this can save you a tremendous amount of money. Product life will be longer primarily because you don’t have hinges to wear out or surface snaps pulled from borders.

For the operator, ease of use is important. No hinges means no pinched or cut hands. The StageScreen can be set up much faster than a truss folding screen. The FocalPoint delivers easier assembly, better looking product, and flexibility on site.

For the end user they still get great looking product yet stronger and safer.

Please come by the booth and ask about who already uses these products. You can see them in action, and even try your hand at assembling a FocalPoint.

I think you will see that these “what’s new” products will become “The old standby”!

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Hello! I am in product management for Draper, currently focusing on AV Rental products. I support our sales force and our customers with information about Draper's wide range of portable products.

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