“Safety is my passion“-Draper Welcomes New Safety and Wellness Director

When Bianca Heilman was just starting out, first as a dairy farmer and then as an hourly manufacturing employee, she witnessed a number of horrific accidents that left a lasting impression on her. “I witnessed horrific accidents, forklift tip-overs, picked up severed...
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Friday the 13th – Making Our Own Luck

For anyone who is superstitious about Friday the 13th being unlucky, or who puts much faith in the concept of good luck, the poet Emily Dickinson had some choice words on the subject of luck. “Luck is not chance,” she said, “it's toil; fortune's expensive smile is...
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Three Screen Attributes You May Not Know About

When you purchase a projection screen, you want a good idea of what to expect. After all, you want to be sure that it meet the needs of your project. That’s why Draper tests nearly 30 different characteristics of our projection screen surfaces. Most of these...
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Which Backstop Do I Need?

Every athletic facility is different. Building footprint, ceiling height, equipment location, and ceiling structure changes from project to project. To deal with this reality, Draper custom designs and manufactures superstructure for each unit to match with the...
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Draper Adds Online Credit Card Payment Option

More and more businesses are paying their bills using a credit card. Although Draper has accepted credit card payment by phone for many years, we recently added a new online credit card payment system for our customers. You can now pay at your own convenience, without...
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