Custom Lifts by Draper

Custom Lift by Draper

One of the biggest draws at our InfoComm Booth this year was the addition of several custom designed lifts – a flat panel lift that lowered from the ceiling and then rotated 180 degrees, and a simple video conferencing lift that raised the camera from a cabinet.

A perfect use for the flat panel lift came from one of our booth visitors. He mentioned that one of his customers wanted digital signage that faced out toward their front doors as employees entered the building in the morning.  But in the evening at quitting time, they wanted that signage to rotate and reach the employees as they left for the day. He was able to find the perfect solution using Draper!

Although we’d like you to always use projection screens, we know that is not realistic. So our VTC lifts can complement the use of a flat panel or screen, tucking the camera away for a cleaner room design and/or for security.

These products highlight the custom abilities that Draper has added to this key product category. We have always had the most comprehensive line of projector lifts available on the market. And now we are adding to our standards with the capability to move anything in any way. We are not just a projector lift manufacturer. We continue to be so much more…

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