Infocomm 2011People often say it’s that time of year again… Whether it’s the kids going back to school, spring break (for those of us who travel), April 15th, or whatever else causes that punched in the stomach feeling, this phrase is usually a precursor to a shoulder shrug, a long sigh and a “here we go again” attitude. If you are like me, and you are honest with yourself, the thought of attending another tradeshow can often lead to this unpleasant emotional response.

Okay, here I go…It’s that time of year again…Infocomm 2011 is just around the corner. But after 22 years of attending Infocomm, this is why I do not, and you should not, have the “here we go again” attitude about attending this year. If you are tied to the AV industry in any way, this applies to you. Why? Most importantly:

  1. The economy is still tight and it is more important than ever to stay on top of current technology and create strategic alliances that strengthen your position. As a manufacturer, we obviously view this as THE AV show of the year, and thus a prime opportunity to introduce new products (take a peek at ours here). But just as importantly, it is the single best time for us to get feedback from you. Whether it is ideas for new product or product improvements, brainstorming on the next hot vertical market, or feedback on service issues, we are there, with the appropriate personnel, to have that dialogue.
  2. Your customer(s) and /or your competitors will probably be there, and they will be learning. Whether it is in an Infocomm sponsored training session or on the exhibit floor, the number of professionals with purchasing authority and the responsibility for audio visual products, is growing by leaps and bounds. You probably know this, right? But what are you doing about it? If you are an integrator, are you sending enough salespeople to escort your customers around the show floor? If you are a customer, are you leveraging the relationships that your integration sales representatives have with manufacturers?

So we need to talk. Come see me in booth # 3230 – Hall B, and tell me about the projects you are working on, what trends you are seeing and I’ll promise to show you all the exciting new products we have to offer!

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