Draper is located in a small rural town in Indiana called Spiceland. We’ve been here since 1902.  The town center consists of a grocery store, bank, barber shop, library, community building, post office…and once a small drugstore called Andy’s Drugstore.

Spiceland Building After Collapse

Andy's Drug Store Collapses (Photo courtesy of New Castle Courier Times)

Many of us here at Draper have fond memories of Andy’s Drugstore, which for decades was the social gathering place in Spiceland’s tiny business district. Franny (or Andy) and Ruby Anderson are long gone, and in recent years their building fell into disrepair. On a raw, wet Saturday morning in March the back end of the building collapsed, rendering it an eyesore and a safety hazard.

Library after removal of fallen drugstore and landscaping of park

Library after removal of fallen drugstore and landscaping of park

Draper participated in the demolition of the building and paid to have the exposed wall of the adjoining Spiceland Library building re-bricked. Now that summer has finally arrived, we are landscaping the vacant lot and turning it into a small park.

We hope Franny and Ruby would be pleased that the site of their drugstore is once again a gathering place for their friends in Spiceland.

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