Draper's Health Park

Draper's Health Park includes a track, exercise equipment and other sports equipment.

Last month I wrote about the Draper Health Service, our free on-site primary care clinic for Draper employees and their families. Today I want to tell  you about an extension of that effort of which we are quite proud – the Draper Wellness Program.

We began the Draper Wellness Program in 2008 to encourage our employees and their families to adopt healthier lifestyles. It has taken many forms, including:

  • Weight Watchers classes
  • Smoking cessation classes
  • An annual health fair
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Walking programs and competitions
  • Zumba classes

All paid for or subsidized by Draper.

In the summer of 2008 we opened the Draper Wellness Park, located at the north edge of our property. In includes a 1/5 mile asphalt walking/running track, workout stations, and table tennis and volleyball facilities.

Recently the Henry County Hospital conducted voluntary health risk assessment screening, to help our employees benchmark their key risk indicators such as body mass index, blood pressure and cholesterol. Over 80% of our employees took advantage of this opportunity.

The Draper Wellness Program is the responsibility of Linda Brinson, our Director of Safety and Wellness. Thanks to Linda’s good efforts and our employee’s enthusiastic participation Draper is now regarded as one of the leaders in the state of Indiana in the area of employee wellness.

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