(Editor’s Note – One of the great pleasures of working at Draper is meeting all the great personalities here. Here is a post from our newest “personality”! – Bob Hadsell)

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Nocturne™. Draper Nocturne.  I am a projection screen designed for outdoor use on your patio, by your pool deck, or just about anywhere you can think of. Frankly I’m a pool sort myself, but you are free to hang me anywhere you want to watch movies al fresco.

After Draper’s Amy Madden wrote her nice post about me, I thought I ought to bring you a little more information about myself—give you the full picture, so to speak!

I easily raise or lower at the touch of a wall switch or remote, or I can be integrated seamlessly into existing home automation systems. Choose my sibling, the handy crank-operated version, for areas where power is unavailable.

Follow the crowd the Draper's CEDIA11 booth, #3664.

My weather- and insect-resistant solid aluminum headbox includes a built-in hinge for easy installation and service. I’m sleek enough to fit in with your outdoor design, so your projection screen won’t stand out like a sore thumb when not in use. My hardware comes standard in white, but I am quite fashionable. You can also get me in silver, ivory, charcoal bronze or black. A weighted dowel and side cable guides ensure maximum stability in breezy situations, so I won’t get carried away.

Viewing surfaces available include Matt White or High Contrast Grey. HDTV Format size are available from 65˝ to 133˝ diagonal; CinemaScope and other formats up to 10´ (305 cm) wide. Custom sizes available. For you audiophiles, I’m also available with acoustically transparent AT1200 or ATGrey! I may be in front of your outdoor speakers, but I won’t block them out.

               For more about me, visit booth 3664 at the CEDIA Expo, September 8-10 in Indianapolis, go to www.draperinc.com/go/Nocturne.htm or follow me on Twitter: @Draper_Nocturne.

By the way, if you like me, you may also like my cousins, the motorized and crank-operated Exterior FlexShade. They are a lot like me, except they protect your windows and furnishings form harsh UV, reduce glare and help control utility costs. Check out www.draperinc.com/go/MotorizedExteriorShades.htm.

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