New Tab System, Unretouched Photo

New Tab System, Unretouched Photo

We are pleased to announce a significant improvement in the quality and appearance of our tab tensioned motorized projection screens.

Effective October 3rd, 2011, all Draper tab tensioned screen surfaces are cut on CNC controlled cutting tables, including the tabs. The tabs are then folded to the backside of the screen and RF welded. The result is a much stronger tab, with no possibility of separation, as the tab and surface are fused into a single layer of material. Before we implemented this change, we cycled a tab tensioned screen made in this manner over 30,000 times with no tab failure. (Not familiar with CNC? It means Computer Numerical Control, and represents the highest level of precision available in the manufacturing process.)

Our new tab tensioning system is not only better, it is much nicer looking. Making a tab tensioned surface in this manner eliminates the puckering that has characterized the edges of tab tensioned screens made by Draper and other manufacturers for years – please see an unretouched photo of the new design in this post, and click it for more images of both the new and old designs.

We believe this new system represents a unique and significant improvement in tab tensioned screen design. You will be pleased with both the improved utility and appearance of our products. We are so confident of this new system that we now warrant all Draper tab tensioned screens against tab separation for five years from date of manufacture.



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