Jerry Heck with Draper Owners

Jerry accepts his 40 year service award from Draper owners John Pidgeon, Mike Broome and Chris Broome.

Jerry Heck, one of our three Department Heads in Window Shades, recently received his 40 year service award.

Jerry began here working summers when he was still in high school, and joined Draper full time in September 1971. He has worked as an assembler in wall and tripod screens and electric screens, and as a shade cloth cutter. He was also an assistant department head in projection screens before becoming Window Shade Department Head in 1988.

Jerry selected a telescope as his service award gift and has been enjoying stargazing on clear nights.

During his award ceremony Jerry reminisced that Draper only had about 40 employees when he started here, and that there were not a lot of formal job descriptions and people generally did whatever needed to be done.

Jerry’s parents Bill and Martha were long-time Draper employees. For many years the three of them went home for lunch together.

Congratulations Jerry, and thanks for a job well done!


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