Draper Europe

Draper Europe

On January 1, 2012 Draper Europe AB acquired the manufacturing operations of Tvaakersmarkisen AB.

Draper Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Draper Inc., is located in Halmstad, Sweden, and is one of Europe’s leading projection screen manufacturers.

Tvaakersmarkisen is one of the largest awning manufacturers in Sweden, and also manufactures window shades and venetian blinds. Awnings are a much more popular window covering in Europe than in North America, due to the high cost of energy.

During the third or fourth quarter of 2012 Draper Europe will also begin to manufacture interior and exterior window shades using Draper’s proprietary hardware system. The combination of awnings and interior and exterior window shades will make Draper Europe one of the largest window covering manufacturers in Scandinavia. The products will be distributed in Sweden through Tvaakersmarkisen’s window covering concept stores and independent dealers.


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