Delivering the Game Ball

Debbie Searcy and her husband delivered the game ball for the Indianapolis Colts.

Our Traffic Manager, Debbie Searcy, enjoyed the thrill of a lifetime November 26 when she presented the FedEx game ball to the referee prior to the Indianapolis Colts – Carolina Panthers game.

Background – FedEx is Draper’s small package carrier, and we are an important customer – they spot a 48’ trailer here every day. FedEx has a deal with the Colts to deliver the game ball at each Colts home game, and they invite a customer to do the honors. November 26 was Debbie’s day.

Deb and her husband Doug arrived at Lucas Oil Stadium at 11:30 and walked to the center of the field to present the game ball at 12:50. The ball was wrapped in bubble wrap and was in a sealed envelope, and was not to be opened until immediately prior to handing it to the referee. After the presentation they enjoyed watching the game from the FedEx suite.

Deb’s impressions –

  • The linemen are HUGE.
  • Artificial turf is really slick.
  • There was a lot of camaraderie among the players – prior to the game at least – including some of those from the opposing team.
  • Peyton Manning appeared to run the offense.
  • She was very relieved that she did not trip or drop the game ball in front of 60,000 fans.

Nice work Debbie!

Jumbotron at Lucas Oil Stadium

Showing on the Jumbotron - delivering the game ball!

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