Last weekend Spiceland celebrated its big event of the year – Freedom Days. Freedom Days is sponsored by the Spiceland Volunteer Fire Department and the local school corporation’s scholarship fund, and takes place on a Friday-Saturday each July. It is a celebration of small town values and virtues, and features good food and well intentioned entertainment.

Culinary treats this year included –

  • Ham and beans and cornbread, served by the Spiceland Church of the Nazarene.
  • Pork burgers to benefit the South Henry Scholarship Fund.
  • A pancake breakfast benefiting the local 4-H club.
  • Kettle corn, popped on the spot.
  • Giant Indiana tenderloin sandwiches. If you want to find one of these…you really have to visit Indiana.

Popular events included the Sixth Annual Spiceland Idol Singing Contest and cow patty bingo – if any of you city folks need an explanation of that one let me know.

The highpoint of Freedom Days is the annual parade, which features area fire departments, Little League baseball teams and local politicians. It is not particularly difficult to enter the parade. One year Ronnie Moffitt had just bought a new Camaro and drove it in the parade. A gaggle of golf carts joined this year’s parade, as golf carts are now street legal in Spiceland.

Spiceland’s neighboring communities have similar summer celebrations. Jubilee Days has been held annually in Knightstown for over 60 years. A few years ago the State Highway Department removed the stoplight at the main intersection in downtown Lewisville. The Lewisville citizenry successfully petitioned the State to have the stoplight reinstalled, and have since celebrated their victory with an annual Stoplight Festival.

Here are some highlights:

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