Amy Madden Explains New Surface Fabrics at InfoComm Press Conference

Amy Madden Explains New Surfaces Fabrics at InfoComm Press Conference

In my own mind, there were a hundred members of the press hanging on every word we said. In reality, there were maybe 15 people there…and who really knows what they heard. It was my first shot at a press conference. I complained beforehand, but I had fun. If you know me, you know I’m not shy. Speaking in front of people is a talent that luckily I possess. I am also quick on my feet. This is why I was drafted for the press conference. My counterpart, Brian Hocker (Quality Manager and Fabric Coordinator), is not quite as comfortable in front of a group. He’s not sure about being the “face of Draper quality.” It makes me smile. I keep telling him we have an office ready for him on the sales side of the building when he’s ready to leave engineering. He won’t take me up on it though. Bummer…

Brian and I have worked together a lot over the past few months as we developed the message for our new fabric introductions. There was technical data to digest (his part) and the how do we sell this stuff (my part) and why does it even matter. That was the core of our press conference. We’ll be posting more information about our various fabrics.

Stay tuned.  It’s a great story.  And it’s one that can add value to your proposals!

In the meantime, send Brian an email and urge him to come over to the dark side…I mean sales.

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