One of the great things about working at Draper is the creative minds we have in our advertising department. Most people don’t know that Draper does not use an outside PR firm; all our product brochures, advertising, press releases, social media and even video production are created in-house by an extremely talented group of people.

For CEDIA Expo 2011, we had a lot of fun with a Twitter campaign introducing Draper’s Nocturne outdoor projection screen. In a first of its kind, the campaign featured the Nocturne screen “personally” tweeting before and during the show. (The Nocturne still tweets from time to time. You can see it at

For CEDIA Expo 2012, Terry Coffey had an idea for a cartoon of sorts, based on the Cinema Noir detective movies of years past. It was a novel approach, and we began tweeting it last week, one panel at a time. (See the panels here)

In passing, I mentioned that while reading these tweets, in the back of my mind I could hear Humphrey Bogart’s voice over a jazz saxophone. I should have suspected that this kind of info is all that was needed to set some creative minds in gear. The result: CEDIA Noir!

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