Evoko Room Scheduler

Evoko Room Scheduler: lights show green for available, red for reserved.

Presenting EVOKO, a meeting room scheduling system from Evoko Unlimited AB, Nacka, Sweden. You won’t find this product on the Draper website, but you’ll see it if you visit our offices. We’ve been using it in house for about a year, and many of our employees have become fans. Our purchasing manager, Bob Garczewski, is a frequent user of EVOKO, and he says: “The system does indeed make the scheduling and meeting notice easier and faster once used a few times. Also, it does a better job of letting all users know who has a conference room reserved and who is scheduled to attend.”

EVOKO is a trim, stylish touchpad designed to wall mount outside your meeting room door. You can use it to check room availability and book a room at the time of your choosing. You can also book the room from your PC provided you have a Microsoft Exchange server. EVOKO automatically synchronizes with Outlook. EVOKO insures that room booking is transparent and crystal clear for all concerned.

EVOKO’s most unique feature is its illuminated LED perimeter, which glows green when the room is available and red when it is not.

Worldwide sales of this product have grown exponentially since it was introduced a little over three years ago. Evoko is a wholly owned subsidiary of SMS SmartMediaSolutions AB, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Draper, Inc.

For more information about EVOKO visit www.evoko.se.


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