Last month we held our annual European sales meeting in Spiceland. We had all of our sales people from Draper Group Ltd. and Draper Europe in for continued training on all of our new screen materials and new products. It also gives us a chance to meet and discuss our activities from the previous 6 months and put plans together for the coming year and ISE show. Everyone left with a lot of new information on how to better sell our screen materials but also, and especially, to help customers understand which specific screen material best fits their needs.

One of the highlights of the meeting is our group fun activity. We usually do a team building activity to relax and enjoy each others’ company. Past events have been cart racing, golf, indoor rock climbing. Since we held this meeting in America we decided it would be fun to enjoy one of our freedoms, the right to bear arms! We went to a local conservation club where everyone can go to shoot guns at stationary targets or flying targets. We opted for several sessions of trap shooting. This is where you take a shotgun and shoot at clay discs that are launched from a throwing machine. Everyone received a safety lesson and a lesson in firing a shotgun, then was given the opportunity to try our luck. I must say I was impressed with everyone’s abilities. Everyone hit targets, even though for some it was the first time handling a weapon.

So not only will Draper’s international sales people be able to better explain why you should be using a specific screen material….they can also give you some tips on firing a shotgun!


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