Buxton Cellar Cinema Room

Buxton Cellar Cinema Room

Neil Mattock, a regional manager for Draper Group Ltd in the UK recently reported that one of the projects he consulted on has been awarded “Best Home Cinema ” by ET Home Cinema in their 2012 Essential Install Home Trade Awards.

Neil said, “Colin Scott of ET Home Cinema asked me to advise on this project way back in November of 2011. The project was in its infancy and the room was still being used as a cellar. The customer wanted to see a demonstration and comparison between flex white and ReAct materials, which we did using his existing setup in the lounge of his house. As the cinema room was going to have full light control he opted for the white surface housed in a stylish Linea case which as you can see from the photos fits very well into the finished room. Congratulations to Colin and his team for a brilliant result!”

ET Home Cinema featured an article about the home:

“This project involved a Cinema Room in a cellar in the picturesque area of Buxton.

The client was very knowledgeable about certain aspects of cinema and was a keen hi-fi and electronics enthusiast.

He had his heart set on B&W 802 Diamond speakers and wanted a traditional feel to the room which need to incorporate a bar area in the entrance.

After several meetings at our showroom and the clients property , we created some 3D visuals to get the project moving.

We also arranged for Neil Mattock from Draper screens to meet us on site to demonstrate various screen materials as the client was keen to explore the advantages and disadvantages of different screen gains.” Read more and see additional photos here.


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