TorkStar Utility Lineset System

In this image, the TorkStar is used to lower a projection screen from a high gymnasium ceiling.

Here’s an interesting guest post from Randy Reece, our AV Regional Sales Manager for the southwest US, and manager of our California office.

Digital Signage is everywhere. In just a few short years signage displays have become so commonplace that we all expect to be informed, whether in a bank, retail store or restaurant. Many of Draper’s screen and lift products are used for Digital Signage and one is featured right now in a booth at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas on February 27th and 28th: the TorkStar Utility Lineset System.

Adaptive Technologies Group from Signal Hill, CA featured a TorkStar to lift one of its Video Display Walls. The benefits the TorkStar provides for the Adaptive Technologies Display Wall include:

  • Ability to assemble the wall on the ground, and lift into display position.
  • Maintenance becomes much faster and less expensive by lowering the wall to the ground.  One person can perform a task that would take 2 or more with traditional pipe based displays.
  • Safety for the individuals performing the installation and maintenance.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the TorkStar with the Adaptive Technologies Video Display Wall please contact Jim Pastorek, Adaptive’s Director of Visual Displays at 562.424.1100, or their web site:



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