Nancy Vickery, winner of Draper's Walk to Hawaii!

Congratulations to Nancy Vickery, winner of Draper’s Walk to Hawaii!

In March 2012 at Draper’s Annual Employee Meeting, Mike Broome announced a new contest – Walk to Hawaii – to encourage Draper’s employees to improve their health and fitness by walking more. The prize: an all expense paid trip for two to Hawaii.

251 employees – almost half of Draper’s staff – signed up and strapped on their pedometers last April 1. 159 employees completed the challenge by walking 2,400,000 steps or more by March 1, and qualified for a drawing to determine the winner.

Last Thursday at Draper’s 2013 Annual Employee Meeting, ping pong ball number 146 was pulled from the tumbler, and a shocked Nancy Vickery came forward to receive her prize to the cheers of Draper’s staff.

“I always said if there was one place in the world I could go, it would be Hawaii,” Nancy said, “and now, thanks to Draper, I’m going to go there.”

Nancy is part of the team that manufactures our tab tensioned electric screens, as does her son David Vickery.

A few statistics –

Mike Todd logged the most steps with 5,005,505.

Our contestants walked a combined total of 473,703,080 steps – over 54,000 miles.

115 participants responded to a survey request the first week of March.  They reported –

  • A combined weight loss of 526 pounds.
  • Eight of them are no longer taking medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.
  • One of them no longer uses a sleep machine.

Congratulations to Nancy, and thanks to all 251 contestants for making a big step – actually 473,703,080 of them – in our efforts to improve our health.

Draper executives, Wellness Team members, and Nancy Vickery

Draper’s executives and members of the Wellness Team with Nancy Vickery at the Draper Annual Meeting. Left to right: John Pidgeon, Chris Broome, Mike Broome, Roger Mogg, Dawn Jones, Nancy Vickery, and Linda Brinson.



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