tcoffey04As one of the #CEDIATweeps chosen by CEDIA, I will be tweeting and blogging this summer in an effort to help promote CEDIA EXPO 2013. The job of #CEDIATweeps is to educate our followers about the organization, and get people to register for the Expo. The person who gets the most points for retweets, clicks on links and registrations using our special codes is named the “Top Tweep.”

As part of this process, CEDIA asked us #CEDIATweeps the following question: “What are you looking forward to at CEDIA this year?” I thought long and hard about this question, and finally narrowed my answer down to a few top things. To find out my answers—and read a bit about my own evolution in relation to Draper and the CEDIA Expo—click here.

By the way, for those of you wanting to help in this effort, you can follow my company tweets at @DraperAV. Your mission: retweet everything I say about CEDIA! Then, when it comes time to register for the Expo, be sure to use code CT9 so I will get credit for your registration!

In case you are interested, here is information on all of the #CEDIATweeps: .

What Are You Looking Forward to at CEDIA EXPO?

Fourteen years ago, when I first toddled through the doors at Draper, I had never heard of CEDIA. When I first came on board, it was as a technical writer, preparing installation instructions and other technical documentation relating to our gym equipment line.

Eventually, Draper’s entire product offering – including window shades, projection screens, projector lifts, and video conferencing solutions – came under my technical documentation domain. But stuff like CEDIA still had no place in my universe.

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