PSitler_awardI’m a pretty ordinary person, and I’ve recently been recognized with a really special award. I think I have one of the best jobs in the world, working for one of the best companies around, and I want to take a minute to tell you why.

I love my marketing team. I’ve had the opportunity to hand pick some of the most talented people in our region to have fun working with. We produce websites, flyers, video, social media, price lists, interactive programs and more–all hands on and in house. We have an amazing range of products to promote, and a variety of audiences to connect with. We can see opportunities stretched out before us, all the way to the horizon. We’re in the flatlands of Indiana, and the horizon is a long way off.

And we have a terrific group of managers and executives. The owners of our company are part of that team, and I get to work with them. Every day. I love the way they care for our communities–our town, our employees, and our customers. Yes, they care about the bottom line too–that is why Draper is still here after more than 110 years, owned and managed by the same family, in the fourth and fifth generations. But profit is not the be-all and end-all here at Draper, and we all know it.

Then there is our industry. We’re actually in several industries–window coverings, gymnasium equipment, specialty building products–but in this case I’m referring to the audio visual industry. We have great people, and the finest industry association I know of. Anywhere. InfoComm, its staff, and its volunteers are amazingly dedicated to advancing the AV industry and all its constituents. They coordinate events. Conduct education and certification. Develop standards. Publish communication tools (like InfoComm IQ). And present awards.

And that’s where it all comes together for me. I’m a woman who loves marketing, Draper, and the audio visual industry. This year, my thirty-second at Draper and in the industry, has been extra special. I can’t begin to express what an honor it has been for me to be recognized with the InfoComm Women in AV award as a leading woman in our industry.

So I’m writing this to say thanks. Thanks to my Draper co-workers, colleagues, and family, all of whom have helped me succeed, have been there for me, and have let me reciprocate by supporting them. That’s teamwork. Thanks to my wonderful contacts and friends across the industry–dealers, writers, consultants, expert users, and especially WAVE (Women in AV). But mostly, thanks to InfoComm, who saw the need to encourage women in our too-masculine industry, inaugurated a Women in AV award, and really made their awards special. The winners of all this year’s awards didn’t just receive really nice trophies and our names in a press release. We had the opportunity to meet in Atlanta three weeks before the InfoComm show, enjoy a special dinner together, and then work with James Kaan on the video interviews which became a high point of the awards reception in Orlando. So the 2013 award winners are more to me than just the people who appeared in those videos or lined up for our walk across the stage. I count several of them as my friends. Marc Bialek, in his first year as InfoComm’s Manager of Member Services, did an amazing job of coordinating our trips and events.

A note to the ladies who read this post. If you are not in the audio visual industry, don’t overlook its opportunities! If you are already in the industry, look up the WAVE networking group and get involved! WAVE is just two years old, and sponsoring events, setting up local chapters, and developing a mentor network. Check it out at .

You can see my video interview here.

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