Indiana's Healthiest Employer (500-1499)

This past week, Draper, Inc. was named as the healthiest Indiana employer in its size class (companies with 500-1,499 employees) by Healthiest Employer LLC.

This award is special to us on many levels. First of all, this recognition re-affirms that we are on the right track (no pun intended) in our efforts to help our employees be as healthy as possible. Secondly, it serves as a major pat-on-the-back for Linda Brinson, who coordinates our wellness programs, and the volunteers who serve on our wellness committee and organize events and programs. In addition, it recognizes the commitment of our employees to being healthy, and participating in those programs. Finally, it is gratifying to know we were chosen as the healthiest employer in our category even though our headcount is just a few over 500–so we are one of the smallest companies in this category.

Below you will find the Indianapolis Business Journal story with more information on Draper and our wellness programs. But before that, I wanted to explain a little bit about this Healthiest Employers Award program.

The program is not a meaningless program where we pay a fee and get an award. This program is operated throughout the United States by Healthiest Employer LLC. According to the Indiana Business Journal, who cosponsors the Indiana award program with Eli Lilly and Co., Healthiest Employer “is a data aggregation and analytics organization developed to help improve wellness programming outcomes.” I think that means these people collect information and use it to figure it out how to help employers maintain a healthier workforce.

Six areas of “workplace wellness” were considered by a group of independent judges: culture and leadership; foundational components; strategic planning; communication and marketing; programming and interventions; and reporting and analysis.

Many thanks to those people at Draper whose job is to help keep us healthy, and to all the volunteers who are the backbone of our wellness efforts. This award should have all of your names on it.

And now, without further ado, more information on Draper and our wellness program, from the Indiana Business Journal:

Draper Inc. brings wellness on­­-site with amenities, fitness challenges

Draper Inc. is on the edge of Spiceland, a small town about 40 miles east of Indianapolis. Which is a nice way of saying that the company is located between two cornfields. That means Draper has to bring fitness to its employees.

Almost everything Draper does in the name of employee wellness happens on-site, said Linda Brinson, safety and wellness director for the company, which makes window shades, gymnasium equipment, projection screens and lifts.

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