PrintEach year, InfoComm celebrates “AV Week,” an effort to promote the AV industry through education and promotional events. Companies plan all kinds of events to get the word out about AV.

In past years, Draper has celebrated AV Week in several ways, including visiting area schools to discuss job opportunities, skills required, and information on the AV industry; bringing vocational students to Draper for tours and information sessions; and other promotions designed support and grow the industry.

This year when we got together to decide what to do, there were many possibilities considered, but eventually discarded:

-Free puppies (when they were delivered everyone thought they were too cute and took them all home, leaving none to pass out—plus we couldn’t figure out how to ship them out in containers that were both waterproof and punched full of air holes);

-Win a Date with your Favorite Draper Employee (rejected after fistfights over who would be the favorite); and

-Have the Town Council official declare this “AV Week” in Spiceland (clashed with previously declared “Pumpkin Carving Safety Awareness Week”).

Finally it hit us: If there’s one thing AV people love, it’s getting free stuff and getting extra money (yes, I know those are two things but stop criticizing and work with me here).

Thus was born the Draper AV Week Trivia Challenge! Just click the link below, answer some trivia questions about Draper, and be entered in a drawing for some cool Draper-branded swag, and a $50 Visa gift card! You don’t have to get the answers right to be entered in our prize drawing, but you do have to give us your email address. The challenge is open until 5pm Pacific Time Friday, October 18. The winner will be announced Monday, October 21. So click away and have fun!

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