Draper’s blog has been quiet lately. Too quiet.

We had some technical difficulty with our web host. In the end, we had to move to a new ISP, and the move itself took longer than expected. But now we’re back, our notifications are working, and we have a lot of new posts coming!

So what’s been happening in the meantime?

Over the past few weeks, we have brought the last key parts of the Draper website to be mobile friendly. Our whole site is now responsive–which means it checks the device you are using to view it, and the size and arrangement change to fit. Bring your tablet, bring your phone–you will be able to view almost everything on the site wherever you are. If you want to see the detailed charts listing every projection screen size and its dimensions–you can even see those on almost any device.

Then there’s social media. We have been busy! We have been on Twitter for years, with two accounts. @DraperInc is my voice, covering general company issues. @DraperAV is Terry Coffey, our media relations coordinator, focusing on AV. We’re on LinkedIn and Youtube–please follow our company page and subscribe to our channel. Have you liked us on Facebook? Followed us on Pinterest? We’re on Google+ too. Six members of the marketing team are helping to support our social media efforts, and you’ll hear our personalities in our posts. We are not just a canned program spouting press releases. We’re out there talking and interacting with you. We got a product suggestion from one of our dealers through Twitter this week. We love that! and we are acting on it!


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