Trent Reece

Trent Reece

Randy Reece, Regional Sales Manager in California had a proud father moment recently. His son, Trent, was recognized as one of 14 “incredibly impressive” students at West Point. An article in Business Insider talks about how hard it is to just apply and get accepted at the finest military academy in the U.S. To be recognized as one of 14 students that are really impressive is definitely something to be proud of. Read the Business Insider article here.

Trent Reece, class of 2014, hopes to help injured soldiers by designing prosthetic limbs that will work more like natural limbs. From the Business Insider feature:

Trent Reece serves as the First Regiment Adjutant, placing him accountable for roughly 1,100 other cadets, and is currently working on a secret project for Raytheon and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the Department of Defense.

But Reece has made his desire to tangibly help wounded and incapacitated soldiers the focus of his academic interests and extracurricular activities.

Read more about Trent’s work at West Point here.

We wish to congratulate Trent on his accomplishments and join Randy in being proud of what his son has achieved. We wish him the best!

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