Our web designer, Gini Deaton, is one of several Draper employees who enjoy the visual arts. Here’s her story. We’re happy to have a fine art association in our community!

Henry County Art Center

Henry County Art Center

I just discovered that New Castle, Indiana has an Art Center! I don’t know how I managed to live in New Castle for over 5 years and not know that the Henry County Arts Association existed.  I love to take classes in pottery and painting so when a coworker mentioned it in passing in a meeting one day I was delighted. But, when I went online to check it out I found a website sadly outdated and in need of a fresh design. It didn’t work on all browsers, and even Facebook wouldn’t let them post links because of the obsolete format.

Since I am the web designer at Draper I thought I could help. I contacted them and they were thrilled to have someone volunteer to help them with their website. I built them a WordPress site so that they could go online and update it themselves as needed. I even got a free pottery class out of the deal!

The Art Center offers classes for all ages in pottery, painting and other crafts. They also host art exhibits for local artists and other events. If you’re located in central Indiana, you can even rent the Art Center and the Arts Park for special events of your own. What a great resource for the community.

They also have a new Artistry Annex Gift Shop right down the street where local artists can display and sell their art. Be sure to check it out when you get a chance, it is very nice and the work is excellent.

So, I invite you to check out the new website at http://www.henrycountyarts.org/and all the classes and events that the Art Center has to offer. I am really enjoying my pottery class.


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