Earlier this year, Draper introduced several new solar control products with our 2014 FlexShade Price List. This is the first in a series of posts introducing these new products to you.

Draper's Bottom-Up FlexShade maximizes daylighting strategies.

Draper’s Bottom-Up FlexShade maximizes daylighting strategies.

Draper’s new Bottom-Up Flexshade is the perfect solution for maximizing daylight. The Bottom-Up FlexShade protects work surfaces from harsh glare, and provides privacy while letting in usable daylight at the top of the window. The Bottom-Up FlexShade also maximizes the efficiency of daylight strategies by allowing daylight to penetrate more deeply into the room.

Draper manufacturers three Bottom-Up FlexShade versions. The manual version uses our premium XD clutch, which is available in large sizes through 12′ x 12′; there is also a motorized version, and a motorized dual roller unit with both the motorized and take up rollers located at the bottom of the window. All three systems feature tensioned draw cables that lift the shade, and ensure consistently smooth operation.

You can learn more about our Bottom-Up FlexShade on our website at www.draperinc.com/go/BottomUp.htm.

To fully maximize daylighting the Bottom-Up FlexShade can be combined with our new FlexWave Light Shelf to bounce daylight even further into the room. You can find more information about the FlexWave at www.draperinc.com/go/FlexWave.htm.

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