Next in our series of new product posts is the FlexShade ZIP.

The FlexShade ZIP is ideally suited for a number of exterior and interior window shade applications. It is similar to a standard motorized roller shade but incorporates a “zipper” profile that is welded to each side of the shade fabric. The system is also provided with side channels.Draper_FlexShade_Zip

The “zipper” keeps the fabric in the side channels, making it very wind resistant. It has been successfully wind tunnel tested up to 90 mph. This wind resistance makes the Flexshade ZIP perfect for exterior applications including outdoor food service areas and garage door openings. It can also be used as an interior blackout system, because the zipper prevents light leakage between the side channels and shade fabric. The side channels are only 1 3/4″ wide which is significantly smaller than many competitive systems. The narrower width means the side channels are less obtrusive in the window opening.

The FlexShade ZIP is available in sizes up to 16 feet wide.  There are two headbox size options, and two headbox designs to choose from.  More information is available on our website at Be sure to check out the video you’ll find on the page; it shows a bit of the wind testing.


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