Next in our series of new product posts is the FlexWave Light Shelf.

Draper's FlexWave Light Shelf.

Draper’s FlexWave Light Shelf.

As with the Bottom-Up FlexShade, the FlexWave helps maximize daylighting by reflecting light deep into the room. By increasing the penetration of natural daylight, the need for artificial light is reduced. The FlexWave reflects natural light onto the ceiling, allowing light to be reflected deep into the room and creating a bright, well lit working environment.

The FlexWave Light Shelf can be used with Draper’s clutch, motorized, or Bottom-Up FlexShades to maximize the use of daylight while controlling glare near the glazing. The curved shape bounces sunlight further into the building than traditional flat shelves. With its highly reflective surface sending more glare-free light into the building, there are several LEED® credit strategies which could benefit from the FlexWave. The FlexWave’s bracket design allows for the shelf to be easily and quickly rotated down for cleaning. The lightweight shelf is also easy to install. You can learn more about the FlexWave on our website at

Incorporate the FlexWave in your next project and strengthen your daylighting strategy!

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