I feel pretty confident in not only my product knowledge but also my knowledge of Draper’s overall capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. I’ve been here for 15 years, so I should have a pretty good grasp, right?

Draper's InfoComm booth, designed and built by Draper to show off some of our custom abilities.

Draper’s InfoComm booth, designed and built by Draper to show off some of our custom abilities.

Well I was completely surprised and impressed this year by Draper at InfoComm. Yes–I was surprised by our own abilities.

Did you see our booth?  The product on display looked incredible. It always does. But the booth itself was amazing. We design and build our own booth, and while we don’t want to get in to this business, we did want to show off the capabilities we have which are beyond what you would normally think of in connection with Draper. The metal work was fantastic (I’m gushing…I know).  It took a combination of our marketing, engineering, and production departments to bring these concepts in to reality.

MetalWorkInfoComm2014.1We also made these ingenious business card holders. I snagged two of them, and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to use them yet (my co-worker was mortified that I used his phone for the picture…it’s so old school). Even the ability to powder coat the metal in-house makes us unique. This post is all about the brag. If this doesn’t say we can do custom, I’m not sure what does.

BTW…imagine these with your logo added. Co-op anyone?

Meanwhile, the fine people at AV Nation came through our booth during the show, and put together this  nice video tour:


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