I am not as worried about a zombie apocalypse as some, although I do admire the fertile imaginations that create them. (Besides, I’m old school. Nothing beats the surprise element of a “normal” looking terror, like Norman Bates.) I do, however, worry about the real monsters that affect our businesses each day. Complacency and redundancy are some real monsters we need to worry about.I_Am_A_Zombie2

How many members of our industry fall into the trap of saying “I can’t take the time”, “I’m too busy”, “Business is just fine right now”, or “There’s nothing new to see”?

Are you being complacent in always using the same components because it always works (meaning, you really are just more comfortable with them) instead of looking for something that will add additional features to what you already do? Have you convinced yourself that there are no new avenues of revenue to pursue (meaning, you really don’t want to expend the effort to learn something new)? Have you fallen into the redundant trap by using the same product in all applications, regardless of the situation?

Learning about new products, technologies or even more efficient, improved ways to do the same old thing – that is what CEDIA Expo is really all about.

A good example is the new TecVision product line we will be displaying at Draper’s booth (#364) at CEDIA Expo. New viewing surfaces, custom formulated and produced to improve the video experience in a variety of applications are the focus of Draper’s TecVision. ISF Certified for proper color balance, formulated with lower gloss and wider viewing cones, TecVision provides you a valuable tool in creating the dramatic theatrical experience you customer craves, whether in a dedicated theatre room or a multi-purpose environment. We’ll also show you how Draper has developed the on-line tools to help you determine what surfaces will work best in your specific application.

I begin many of my training sessions with this cartoon:

Draper_Ark_OopsTo me, it is not just a funny joke, but it represents what really happens with members of our industry. Those who get it, who attend trainings, who attend CEDIA Expo and take the time to visit new vendors and get new ideas, those are the guys on the boat, sailing off to a better life. Those who are too busy or can’t be bothered to attend shows, trainings or even keep appointments, well, they are the ones left on the island, thinking that tomorrow would be a better time, only to find out they won’t survive.

If you are going to CEDIA Expo 2014 in Denver, make sure you schedule a visit to Draper’s booth #364 to learn about the latest in projection screen technology. If you haven’t made plans to attend CEDIA, make them!

Unless, of course, you want to be a zombie … .

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