My senior year in college I was required to take a marketing strategy class at Butler. My Professor tasked us to write a marketing plan for our (11)

At the time I thought it was a cheesy exercise, but she had the wisdom and experience that, at 22, I lacked. She took the time to give us a small, laminated version of that assignment. I’m surprised and happy to say that I must have known myself pretty well because my 30-something (ha) self still abides by this plan.

Principles I hold dear…

  • Succeed at home first
  • Never compromise respect, honesty and integrity
  • Be sincere yet decisive
  • Enjoy today but don’t forget that tomorrow exists
  • Keep lines of communication open
  • Live the phrase “forgive and forget,” allow people to make mistakes
  • Continue education
  • Listen…listen…listen
  • Teach my children to love, to enjoy learning, to laugh and to be unique
  • Let money be my friend not my controller
  • Withhold judgment
  • Strive to do the best work that I possibly can
  • Find motivation in the people I love and the work I enjoy
  • Give back to my community

photo (14)I was lucky enough to start at Draper two months after I graduated from Butler. I celebrated my 15-year anniversary here in July and will be going to my 15-year reunion of sorts during homecoming at Butler later this month. My “marketing plan” is hanging on my office wall along with my diploma from Butler and Anderson (where I received my MBA) and lots of pictures of my family and friends. I am blessed to be where I am both personally and professionally. I am thankful to have had some like Professor Skinner (she still teaches at Butler) to challenge me. I hope her current students feel the same…I’m not sure I did back then.

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