Playing to the Rods and Cones

Playing to the Rods and Cones

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

In the early days of Home Theatre, the focus was on creating a theatrical experience in the home. The image produced was extremely important, the focal point of the system. Projectors were large, bulky monsters that required a lot of time and expertise to set-up and calibrate so that they looked just right. Projection screens were vital, because they enhanced the image, compensating for the often dim light output.

The technology of projectors has obviously improved immensely since then, and the role of projection screens has evolved along with projectors. No longer needed just to enhance poor light output, screens now are required to maintain the image without interfering with the projector output. Customer demand has added the requirement to do so in more severe ambient light conditions.

The one thing that has remained constant is that our customers want (and deserve) that full theatrical experience with vibrant, life-like video.

Many in our industry have forgotten just how important great video is, and how much even subtle changes affect the outcome.

It is with that in mind that Draper has created ‘Playing to the Rods and Cones,’ a whitepaper about the need for color accuracy and how our new line of TecVision viewing surfaces helps you achieve that goal. With help from Joel Silver, President of the Imaging Science Foundation, ‘Playing to the Rods and Cones’ explains in simple terms how and why color accuracy is important, how and why color is manipulated, and how TecVision Engineered Screen Technology can help in maintaining a proper image. Now available in PDF format, ‘Playing to the Rods and Cones’ is a valuable educational tool for you.

Quality projectors, TecVision Engineered Screen Technology and you – creating great experiences our customers deserve!

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