The following post was written by Linda Brinson. Linda is Draper’s Safety and Wellness Director. 

October is National Fire Prevention Month and like numerous companies across the United States, Draper is doing its part to raise awareness not only among our employees, but also the community.

Draper's Eric McDaniel shows his daughter how to hold a fire hose.

Draper’s Eric McDaniel shows his daughter how to hold a fire hose.

As part of a community outreach one of our employees, Eric McDaniel, recently spent the day at the local Knightstown Elementary. Eric and other volunteer firefighters enjoyed time with the students, teaching them about what to do in case of fire. The students were able to go through a smoke house and even take turns with a water hose. (The adorable little blonde girl in purple shown in some photos is Eric’s daughter.)

In addition to Eric, Draper is fortunate enough to employ 11 volunteer fire fighters and three Emergency Medical Technicians. Eric also is one of the EMT’s. Another one of our employees, Scott Teague, is not only an EMT, but also the fire chief for the town of Spiceland.

Besides the volunteer service of our employees, we also provide annual fire extinguisher training to our employees if they would like to participate, a walk-through of our facility by the local fire department, and a fire drill.

We’ve also added something new this year. We are also donating several smoke detectors to low income households in our area and there will be a few other informational events for our employees to help raise awareness about fire safety, not just at work, but at home too.

This year’s National Fire Protection Association fire prevention campaign is “Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives” and I’d like to remind you to test your smoke alarms every month!

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And now for some cute photos of kids and firefighters.

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