Almost one year ago, during the 2013 Greenbuild Expo, Draper broke into an exciting new field for us: specialty and exterior solar control solutions. Since 1902 we had been tackling daylighting issues from inside the glazing, so this was definitely a change for us.Solar Control Solutions

Over the past year, we have been traveling around the country, consulting with architects, making presentations, and in general educating on why exterior solar control is important, and how our products—Omega Venetian Blinds, FlexLouver Rack Arm Systems, s_enn stainless steel roller shades, s_onro roller shutter systems, and the FlexShade Zip—fit into daylighting management schemes. These products are flexible, in that many of them do wind up being installed inside, but they also offer great advantages when used on the exterior.

Our efforts have been helped a great deal by Richard Wilson, who has been working with us as a consultant in this area. Richard not only has an extremely deep and wide knowledge of specialty and exterior solar control, he also boasts a seemingly boundless amount of energy and passion for the subject.

Richard (right), shown on a recent bike outing with Draper Regional Sales Manager Ross Rhoades.

Richard (right), shown on a recent bike outing with Draper Regional Sales Manager Ross Rhoades.

In October, Richard authored an article for Construction Specifier Magazine, which is a publication of the Construction Specifiers Institute. In the article, “10 Key Questions About Solar Shading,” Richard addresses 10 of the most frequently asked questions about exterior shading, and discussed available solutions and how they tie in to a building’s overall environmental control.

To read Richard’s fine article, click here to download the October 2014 issue from our White Papers and Case Studies page.

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