The world of AV is amazing. There is so much product innovation going on that sometimes it can be tough to keep up.

Case in point: In recent weeks there has been some talk of an “industry-first” zero-edge flexible projection screen. The product in question actually has a 3/8” bezel, but still—we know what they’re saying. No big frame sticking out—the image is floating in the air! And it can be assembled on site. It sounds great!

But it is not an industry first.

Except Draper has been there—in fact, the entire projection screen industry has been there—for a long time.

Draper's Profile permanently-tensioned projection screen.

Draper’s Profile permanently-tensioned projection screen.

Earlier this year, Draper introduced the Profile. The Profile was designed to combine the bigger size and other advantages of projection with the clean, stylish, high tech look of a flat panel display. The Profile is a permanently tensioned projection screen with a sleek, mitered cut frame with a … wait for it … 3/8” wide black bezel. The back of the frame is less than 1¾” away from the wall, and its beveled back gives the screen the appearance of floating in front of the wall.

We displayed The Profile in two separate places at CEDIA 2014: in our booth, with High Performance XS850E; and in the New Product Landmark Presentation Booth with TecVision MS1000X Grey. It was well-received in both.

The Profile was not the first screen in this category, either—but we feel like it is the best solution for several reasons: its uniquely rigid frame; our patented Fabric Retention System, which ensures proper tensioning of the screen material and an incredibly flat viewing surface without snaps; and the wide variety of viewing surfaces available, including our TecVision line of surfaces.

Others seem to agree. When we introduced the Profile at InfoComm, it received a NewBay Media “Best of Show” award from AV Technology Magazine!

You can find out more about the Profile by clicking here.

Draper's Edgeless Clarion permanently-tension projection screen.

Draper’s Edgeless Clarion permanently-tension projection screen.

Even before the Profile, zero edge screens have been available for … wait for it … decades. Draper’s Edgeless Clarion was once known as the WrapAround Clarion and has been a standard in our line for about 20 years. The Edgeless Clarion actually offers a true “zero edge”—there is absolutely no visible frame. It assembles on site with a snap viewing surface attachment.

For more information on the Edgeless Clarion, click here.

And remember, in a fast-moving, innovative industry such as ours, sometimes it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking you’re on totally new ground—when in fact there are footprints all around you.

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