I always enjoy attending the Integrated Systems Europe show, but this year I’m especially looking forward to it because Amsterdam will probably be warmer than it is here in Indiana! Seriously, it’s a great show to see Draper customers from all over the world and not just Europe. It truly is a global show for us, even more so than InfoComm.

As usual, we will have a booth packed with audio video solutions, including several new and updated products.

Draper's ISF-certified MS1000X Grey will be shown under projection at ISE 2015.

Draper’s ISF-certified MS1000X Grey will be shown under projection at ISE 2015.

At last year’s ISE, Draper held private screenings to announce TecVision Engineered Screen Technology. After a year of success that went beyond all expectations, for ISE 2015 we’re throwing open the doors and giving everyone a look. You’ll have the chance to see TecVision MS1000X Grey under projection. MS1000X Grey features a moderate viewing cone, superior contrast, and an on axis gain of 1.0. MS1000X Grey performs very well in situations where moderate to high ambient light is present, and, like our entire TecVision line, is certified by the Imaging Science Foundation for excellent color reproduction and fidelity. To be certified by the ISF, a screen has to have a flat spectral response—or color fidelity. In other words, the screen cannot affect the color of the image enough for the human eye to perceive.

We’ll also be introducing an update to our Access concept. The Access was the industry’s first “case now, surface later” projection screen. Thanks to expanded manufacturing capabilities, Draper will be showing off several improvements, including the introduction of a new model to the line.

The Access Fit-the latest addition to our Access family of screens-will be officially unveiled at ISE.

The Access Fit-the latest addition to our Access family of screens-will be officially unveiled at ISE.

The new Access Fit features a much smaller case cross section for above ceiling motorized screen applications. Access Fit is ideal for small to medium size boardroom, classroom or training room integration, offering the same quality components engineered into a smaller profile to fit into tight spaces above the ceiling.

Meanwhile, we have re-engineered the Access bottom closure panel to make it easier to attach and improve the panel’s overall engagement with the screen housing. An improved “T” bracket engagement allows panel to hinge downward for service, eliminating the need to make extra trips up and down the ladder carrying the closure. Improvements to internal components also enable us to offer sizes up to 488 cm in total width, without increasing the case profile size. Finally, new removable hoisting brackets make it easier to use block and tackle or a winch to lift the screen out of the shipping carton and the final into mounting location.

The Draper team at ISE represents Draper, Inc., Draper Group Ltd. (UK), and Draper Europe (Sweden). Draper Group Ltd. will be launching their new and comprehensive website at http://draperinc.co.uk.

Thor heads for ISE 2015 from Draper Europe.

Thor heads for ISE 2015 from Draper Europe.

Draper Europe will be demonstrating Thor—but not to worry, there will be no stray hammers flying around. The Thor motorized projection screen ranges from 250-440cm (8.2 feet to 14.4 feet) in width and comes equipped with several popular features, including an integrated multifunctional Euroscreen® Control Box and an adjustable inner bracket to easily level the screen.

Draper Europe will also be showing off the latest version of the ReAct projection viewing surface. ReAct 3.0 is an unsupported, silver grey front projection surface with enhanced light control. The surface is slightly darker in color than its predecessor, which eliminates ambient light even better, but at the same time the new surface will be better at filtering daylight and will project a brighter image. The coated structure and the new finish of the material boost color contrast and black levels, and provide a full depth in the projected image. At the same time it delivers excellent viewing experience, with an improved viewing angle, even in a brightly lit audience area.

We’ll definitely have a lot going on in the Draper stand, so I hope that those of you heading for ISE will make sure to stop in and experience it all! You’ll find us in stand # 1-M70.

Hope to see you in Amsterdam!

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