Plaudits. Kudos. Pats on the back. Honors. Awards. Whatever you want to call all those bits of recognition they certainly do keep coming our way.

ADEX Platinum logo-15The latest good news came in the form of ADEX Awards for several of our products. ADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence. The annual awards program is sponsored by, a trade resource for designers, architects, and facility managers, and is the largest product and project design awards program in the architecture and design industry. Draper products received five ADEX awards overall.

slide0008_image034Our FlexLouver™ Rack Arm System received platinum honors—the top level awarded by the judges. FlexLouver™ is a non-retractable louver system. The louvers can open and close to control solar energy, light and glare. It is a very flexible solution—the system can be designed to fit almost any window shape—and allows precise light control. FlexLouver™ has previously received a Record Products Award from Architectural Record and an Innovative Product Award from Architectural Products magazine. For more information on FlexLouver™, visit

OmegaDraper’s Omega™ Venetian Blinds also received a platinum ADEX. One of the most flexible shading systems, Omega™ Venetian Blinds can be installed on the interior or exterior as well as in double facades. The blinds have one of the lowest shading coefficients of any available system, reducing the solar energy that gets into a building by as much as 92%. For more information, go to

Draper's Bottom-Up FlexShade maximizes daylighting strategies.

Draper’s Bottom-Up FlexShade maximizes daylighting strategies.

Last year Draper introduced our version of the bottom-up shade and it has been a very successful product for us. The Bottom-Up FlexShade™ received a Gold level ADEX Award. Unlike traditional shades, the Bottom-Up provides privacy without eliminating natural daylight. The shade rises from a roller at the bottom of the window sill. It blocks the sun’s rays at the bottom of the window, while allowing daylight to pass comfortably above people and objects adjacent to the window. Details can be found at

Meanwhile, a couple of our recently introduced AV products were also singled out for recognition.

Draper_TecVision_with_LogoTecVision Engineered Screen Technology garnered a platinum ADEX. Available in eight formulations, TecVision features both white and grey 4K-ready surfaces, all of which are certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). Instead of using “mass-production” methods, TecVision screens are individually formulated, programmed, and manufactured for quality, consistency and uniformity. After its introduction in 2014, TecVision received a NewBay Media “Best in Show” award from Government Video Magazine and a “Best of InfoComm” award from rAVe. TecVision was also recognized as an “InfoComm Hot Product” by editors of the InfoComm Daily, and received an Excite! Award from Technology Integrator Magazine. You’ll find more about TecVision at

The Profile is a thin bezel fixed projection screen.

The Profile is a thin bezel fixed projection screen.

Finally, Draper’s Profile permanently tensioned projection screen also received platinum honors from ADEX. The Profile creates the clean, stylish, high tech look of a flat panel display, making a bold statement in your home, office or classroom. Its slender frame is less than 3/8″ (16mm) wide and 1-1/2″ (38mm) deep. Draper’s proprietary surface tensioning system keeps the viewing surface perfectly flat with no puckering. The screen assembles without snaps. In 2014, the Profile received a NewBay Media “Best in Show” award from AV Technology Magazine. Learn more at

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