I’ve said before that Draper has the best and broadest product offering of projector lifts on the market. No matter how you need/want to hide your projector (or camera or speaker or…), we have a solution. So how do you continue making the best better? We started by adding UL certification to our Scissor Lift line last year. Then we added the option of black finishes on not only the Scissor Lifts but also our Micro Projector Lift and AeroLifts. This year we kept going.

Aero25CloseupThe AeroLift 25 now has an expanded lifting capacity of 35 pounds. The large closure option has been redesigned to hold projectors with a footprint of 20”wide x 20” long yet still fit within a 2×2 ceiling grid. It also has extended travel to 24.5”. The AeroLift 50 has seen similar modifications, with a new lifting capacity of 65 pounds and lengthened travel to 38.5”. Additionally the AeroLift 150 has 38.5” of total drop available.

MPL_downThe Micro Projector Lift (MPL), a mini version of our Scissor Lift, has a closure panel that will accommodate projectors with a foot print of 20”wide x 20” long yet still fit within a 2×2 ceiling grid. The MPL has up to 48” of total drop available, giving it more vertical range than the AeroLift 25 and putting it at a price point that is less expensive than our traditional SL4.

Why do these changes matter? I did a survey with a sampling of engineers from our top projector lift customers. They told us that the “sweet spot” for lift extension is 24-36”. All of these lifts now fit that requirement. They also told us that laser projection is coming on strong. Typically those projectors have a larger foot print, so our closures needed to follow suit.

Small tweaks that can make a big difference.

The times they are a changin’…and Draper projector lifts are too!

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